Kidz Staff


Ramon Rivas

Kids Ministry Director

Ramon is our tech-guy-in-residence and our fearless leader. He LOVES Android and Apple. Microsoft not so much.


Peter Triana

Sunday 1:00pm Team Leader

Peter is all kids favorite, he is fun to be around.  He is a great leader and after working the whole day on Sundays he sometimes comes and still goes crazy with the kids.


Matthew Taylor

Sunday 11:00am Team Leader

Matt is always counting all the kids, and he always make sure his shoes match with CALVARY:Kidz shirt….


Erik Schreiber

Sunday 11:00am and 1pm Sunday Team Leader

Erik is our proud, part-time dog whisperer and dog rescuer. He loves long walks on the beach, if by beach you mean the Kidz Ministry hallway!


Ariel Baez

Wednesday 7:30pm Team Leader

Ariel is our all time 24/7 hero.  He is the SIGN IN king, always faithful to use our newest technology.





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